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This place is awesome! The owner herself was so accommodating for a new client (I was basically a walk-in, even...) and stayed past the time she was supposed to, just to take me in, do a colour consultation, bleach part of my hair for an ombre, and then did the colour. It was a long day, and a long process, but not once did her enthusiasm fall off, and she was very attentive to my wants and how I was doing. She seemed disappointed that my hair didn't take to the colour quite as much as she had hoped, but I was honestly in love, and so very happy with my first colouring experience. Regarding the rest of the facility, everyone seemed upbeat and happy - customers and workers alike! There was a lot going on; you could tell at a glance that Saturdays are wildly busy, but everyone seemed to love it. I'll definitely be back for more colour AND for some of the other many services they provide, even though it takes quite a bit of travel time for me! Thank you, lovely ladies and gentlemen!

( ***** )

Y'all, I have some news for you. This place rocks. I got an appointment very easily, was greeted by a knowledgeable and lovely owner, was taken care of by Kymberley who did an absolutely amazing job with my color correction and made sure the color and tone was all just right before letting me leave (it was an awful brassy orange, yikes.). I just moved to Denver and had no clue where to go - made the mistake of going to another salon first and they OVERCHARGED and DID NOT fix my hair!!!! This place is fair priced, did an amazing job to fix my color and went OUT of their way to take care of me.. I'll be going back to Kymberley! :)

This place rocks…

( ***** )